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redeveloped, the residents are ignored or the residents are moved away or the residents -- or the new housing is enough. what's different about san francisco, what's different about hope sf is that's not enough. the campaign for hope sf is an initiative to raise $25 million for, as olson said, human services, to transform the neighborhood, the lives, working with the residents closely. it has brought in san francisco foundation enterprise, the city, and numerous other foundations, philanthropic organizations and corporations, all of whom are committed for the long term. and this will take a long time. hunters view will take a long time. there are seven other housing projects as part of hope sf. we are committed to sticking it through the long-term and i think that's really critical. one of the key aspects -- i work for a national organization that does nonprofit development and
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affordable housing. we know that the whole country is looking at what we're doing here, and that's really important. everyone thinks -- everyone thinks this is the right way to do it and can we do it here. and i think in san francisco we can. in san francisco we have corporations, we have a city government, we have residents. we have developers. we have a whole range of players in redevelopment public housing that will make this change. and that's really critical. so, i think the whole country is watching and we'll show them what san francisco can do. you all heard the phrase it takes a village. in san francisco it takes the entire city. we have the mayor totally committed to redeveloping public housing with the residents. we have developers like john stewart, divine and gong ridgeview who have sweat blood for years for this project. they should be incredibly proud of what they've done. lord knows they won't make much money at it. [laughter]
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>> we have, we have a board of supervisors supporting this for years. we have philanthropy i, we have corporations, we have hud, we have a whole range of people that are committed to this for the long term. * so, i just want to say this is one step. and there are many steps to go, but this is monumental. and congratulations to the residents and everyone involved in the project. thank you. (applause) >> so, at this time i'd like to sort of close the ceremony or presentation by thanking all those people that i didn't thank and didn't acknowledge who should have been acknowledged because there's just too many people to acknowledge. i know we have some commissioners here, both from the former redevelopment commission and the housing authority commission and some of the other commissions. there are just too many people to thank at this point. but i would love to just thank all of you for coming to share
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this moment with us. it's the start of something really, really big and it's nice for you all to be here in this very cold day to share this warm moment with us, a day that we will always remember. thank you very, very much. and we're going to have a little photo op right here. (applause) >> we have a key to present. ...
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January 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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